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This friday I'm entering CB marketing department. Got tonns of ideas we'll see how they work...I'm not the one most enthused bout that cause i reeeally got doubts about my ability to implement what I believe is important for CB. On the bright side i get to write in my employment book almost anything I want to be written there! I still wanna get to an ad agency...now CB's gonna give me the working experience desired for the position of account executive. Ppl keep tellin me that I should apply for the position of a copywriter I guess I should consider that after all.
Проснувшись однажды утром после беспокойного сна, Грегор Замза обнаружил, что он у себя в постели превратился в страшное насекомое.


Since I haven't been here for a veeery resonable time I guess the most suitable thing to do is to sum up. Or just go into an endless ramble about the stuff that worries me now. Second it is.
Well it's holidays and apparently xmas in our god-forsaken country and it is not every holiday that you discover that your best friend is the one you most need to be in-town no matter what..not for any kinda purpouse, you need her just to be there within reach. That is so not a complaint that is just a fact. But she is busy havin good time in andorra (which is totally awesome and she is reeeally the one who deserves it most).
While I am busy havin a beaucoup problemo with ma pops. I've never felt like I have no home! That is not only awkward that is very unlikely...and since they've been around more often (xmas holiays) They've been annoying me with lotsa stupid remarks (like wash tha dishes, naw don'cha live it here, that goes there and all that endless knockin on my room's door fo noooo reason) and I can really stand that unless I have a day-off from time to time. The other day we had an argument...and as a result me movin out (not that I was angry, I simply needed to change sth cause I felt practically trapped in my room). And I'd never think that the only reasonable place to go would be my grandpa's house. Of cource I could ask some ppl but that'll just be not the best thing to do. And my grandpa's the sweetest old guy...he'll never bother you with anything! and I men any kind of thing...If that is not heaven I dunno what is!
I'd really like to move in for livin on a constant basis. I'd even change the furniture (little by little as much as my salary will allow me) and well clean up. The thing that haunts me though is that he is not in the best health (see:grandpa) and I dunno how long he's gonna last...which means that one day I'm gonna come home and see a dead body and that is gonna kick me in the ballz veeery hard.
okay enough blabbering for one mornin.
see ya next sleepless awkward mornin.
Oh and I've found a soul-mate (not that the mate part is essential here). By God he's great...and talkin to him is da best thing esp after a long and hard day. We really read each others minds.
*Well...I guess happy NY! You'd think that there's no place where you can feel the spirit of NY better than in the homeland of Santa. Lapland's like a fairy tale...seems like it's been made for x-mas, cookies and Santa! So snowy and with all the x-mas lights it is truly magical. It was snowing here on the 31st But It's all ruined for you if you're spending NY with ppl you barely know...No decorations and fireworks will replace your friends and family.*  - emmm...that's old now...It was written on the 1st of January.  Today's already the 24th of January and I can tell ya that Lapland totally rocks!! But I think I'll skip the details in order not to spoil everything for some ppl XD
Well today there are two major problems that bother me: I hate political science and totally can't stand that crap, I've no idea why the hell I've decided to be THAT...no idea...And the second one is more  a general wondering than a problem. Why do ppl keep telling me all the secrets, all their problems and dilemmas...I'm no doc...they just keep telling me all the stuff that's happening in their lives never caring for whatever's happening in my gaddamn life. That's way too heavy for me. The result is - my brain's totally f*cked.



Wish me luck!!! Wish me luck!!! Wish me luck!!! I'm gonna rock this land, I'm gonna take this itty-bitty world by stoooorm!


Bidet to you too sir!

Okay..I'm done trying to sleep. I've been rolling around In my bed for three great hours..or better yet - two...and god didn't bless me with a single minute of this freaking miracle of sleep. Apparently there's no position that my body would consider comfortable...not mentioning that I am in fact more a plum than a human being right now. I mean I'm bruising all over...do you think there's any chance guys like girls in all coloures...like not only normal but blue red and green too? Yeah...we had a great dancing class on friday night but the concequences are brutal. Like I could hardly walk on my way home and I'm not gonna even talk about the horror that are the stairs. I'm not complaining or anything I just didn't see that coming and I'm also totally bored..you know...6am - absolutely fucking nothing to do!!
Also I might be falling ill which is sooooooo not in time...anyway right now I feel like I got sucked under a sitting elefant and he moved his ass once or twice while I was lying there breathless. Haha...dude I guess you'll understand me: right now I have a spot on my back that is itching like hell and my arms don't give a fuuuuck....they just can't bend that way any more)) you would sooooo help (what's pleh - it's help spelled backwards (c) friends) me right now.  Cripples should stick together! Yay!

It's between Us and the Sea, Dar!


For the love of God!!!!!

 I have a looooot of stuff to do like all this documents for France I have to hand in and all the reports and writing for the U and I have to visit grandpa!!! The last thing I need now is to fall ill!! And guess what!?!?!?! I'm sick as hell!!!!! And I'm missing two dance classes in a row...oh wait I've missed two already so all in all It'd be four which is even worse!!! I would have gone anyway but I almost fainted when I was doing push-ups...I guess it's my bad 'cause I haven't been careful enough....I've never been ill more than once a year and now It is already the 3rd time this year!!!!.....